Membership plans

Offering memberships for individuals, couples, families, and juniors, we believe an active lifestyle should be accessible to everybody all in one place.

Active living family

Flex no contract
AED 880
AED 990
AED 780
AED 875
AED 7,480
AED 8,390

Family membership covers two adults and two children, with extra add-ons available. There are dedicated family classes where everyone can join in the fun or selected kids and adult classes aligned on the schedule so you can work out worry-free.

Every membership includes

Unlimited gym access
Unlimited group exercise classes
Unlimited signature classes
Unlimited on-demand classes
Unlimited in-class gamification experiences
Progress tracking

50% discount on padel court bookings
FREE water bottle

Your member journey

At Wellfit, we're committed to helping you flex your membership from day one. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current package, connect with a personal trainer, or try your hand at a new sport, all you have to do is visit the member service desk. Let’s make every visit count!


A great way to get started at Wellfit. Our expert personal trainers will guide you through a full-body analysis using the 3D Styku body scanner, help define your goals, and provide a program perfectly suited to you.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Who for? Adult members.

Book: Via the app or at the member service desk

Personal training taster

Looking for that extra motivation? In need of a little boost? The Personal training taster will give you an insight into what it’s like to have regular sessions with a personal trainer.

Duration: 30 minutes

Who for? Adult members

Book: Via the app or at the member service desk

Family activities

The family activities intro is designed to ensure that you all maximize your well-being journey. Our specialist Family activities coordinator will work with you to create a custom class schedule incorporating everybody’s preferences.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Who for? Family members

Book: Via the app or at the member service desk.

Junior gym induction

The junior gym induction kickstarts the Wellfit experience for our junior members. Our family activities coordinator will take them through a one-to-one induction covering health and safety, how to warm up and cool down, and the safe use of machines.

Duration: 45 minutes

Who for? 12-15-year-olds

Book: Via the app or at the member service desk

Weekly welcome sessions

These informative welcome sessions will give you more information about each of the sports offered at Wellfit, any related requirements, and how to get started before purchasing an add-on sports membership.

Duration: 30 minutes

Who for? Adult and junior members

Book: Via the app or at the member service desk

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