Connected fitness at your fingertips

The Wellfit app gives you a free access to...

Activity tracking

Connected fitness at your fingertips. Just tap your phone to access training programs and tracking on our weights and cardio machines to help boost your work-out efficiency!

Set and track your fitness goals in one easy to use app
Get customized training programs and video exercises all at the tap of your finger
Perfect for personal and small group training programs

The leading immersive and dynamic indoor cycling experience.

Perfect for studio workouts, home workouts and virtual classes
A true immersive indoor cycling experience
Track in-class performance with heart rate monitoring and goal tracking

Market-leading 3D body scanning technology gives you a comprehensive body assessment so you can track and see your training results.

Results can be viewed in 5 to 10 minutes
Accurate measurements, body composition, and other insights can be extracted
3D body scanning makes it easier to visualize progress
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